Friday, April 27, 2012

Seaside Cave Series

{ Fusion List }

Lancer Recruit x Archer Recruit = Royal Lancer

Gusta 7 x Byun = Gusta 18

Fusion order for this card must be
Adept Soldier (base) + Gusta 7 (regent)

Royal Lancer x Gusta 18 = Master Sgt Dritz

Hazy Sue x Fan Drive = Tiris

Moon Rabbit x Slash Mojer = Half Moon Rabbit

Half Moon Rabbit x Tiris = Full Moon Rabbit

Full Moon Rabbit x Master Sgt Dritz = Colonel Lina

Wing Ghost x Royal Axeman = Dragon Ghost

Defense System x Dragon Ghost = Offense System

Wing Ghost x Orange Starly = Hybrider Hatchling

Hybrider Hatchling x Offense System = Young Hybrider

Young Hybrider x Colonel Lina = Adult Hybrider

Adult Hybrider x Assassin = Terror Hybrider

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