Sunday, March 4, 2012


Subterranean beasts.


Name: Recruamal
Type: Monster
Max Level: 40
Sells for 5,000 Gil
( Cannot be traded. )

Att: 1555 / Def: 1845 / Cost: 17


Card series from

Reward for Oblivion Arena II
+ 5,000 Draw points


  1. This is it! I am eager to get this card but without any luck. This is the last card I required for the "excavation mana"...I tried every arena as possible as i can, why can't i get one!!!

  2. i got one but i cant trade it and the game says its a mecha when the card on the picture says its a beast

  3. Yeah, it can not be trade, that is where the problem is.
    I wonder whether it can be attained by fusion?

  4. Ok...I am not gonna buy any L-coin for that "5 consecutively win at prestige stadum". If i can not get this card by the end of this event, I will quit this game.

  5. all i can say they are force us paid , card cant trade ,only let one day to get "5 consecutively win at prestige " , while rest time we lost 7 hours and we need sleep , cant play game all day so how get it without L-coin , Special Rank 50 -> too hard i only can get around 100 ~110 , final why save off 20 % potions .

    1. Worse still, it seems that you have to win consecutively 5 times in a single 10 min time scale...I tried to win altogether 5 times in prestige stadum but still no card. So didn't get it anyway..Goodbye cruel legend card world...

    2. I've played this and haven't spent a single L-coin, managed to complete the whole collection... They give you an auto-recover at start, so you could've used that to win 5 times on Prestige.

  6. I've received this card as a reward for getting more than 10k Battle points in total; it wasn't difficult to get this, but i'm still missing the rest of the collection. I didn't spend any L-coins too.

    1. Then you are lucky...I got more battle points when i realize this is a truely difficult card to get. I just got another two cards for reward, which are totally useless! that is so unfair.


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